Monday, March 1, 2010

My Life's Work...

You ever get into one of those moods where you need to be deep? Where you feel that a pinnacle event is about to occur and you will obviously be having some eye awakening moment that will inspire you to create your lifes' work - a novel pouring out of you -- providing the world with all that wisdom you have to share....wisdom about motherhood, being a woman, spirituality, crafting, or well whatever it is you think you have wisdom on at that moment...

You are pretty sure you are going to end up on Oprah for this, if not Oprah that at least Good Morning America. For sure your mom will call and let you know that she ran into your old 7th grade writing teacher who said they always knew you had it in you. You'll get letters from old friends who you haven't been in touch with for years letting you know how much you have always meant to them and you are so glad to be reunited with them and feeling all on top of the world for helping everyone and being so absolutely wonderful...

And then you feel a tugging on your leg... you are awakened from this 'dream'

And your kid hands you a booger. too. I have those days ALL THE TIME

(above photo is C in March of 2008...he was 8 months old...I figured a booger shot may not be exactly palatable so I went with this one...he's so cute)


  1. hahaaa It was much better then a booger .

  2. What a cute little guy! There is nothing like sons to keep you humble! I've decided there's a 3-day WOW window followed by a 3 day humbling period. I love those 3-day Wow moments!