Sunday, February 28, 2010

In which life is 'normal'

It's my bday...I wanted to sleep in...

I awoke this morning covered in the pee of my 5 year old...who for some reason came to my bed last night, took off his overnight (yes he still needs one) and cuddled in close...and of course...pee'd.

My 2 year old decided that seven am was a good time to inform me that daddy was laying down and he (meaning C not daddy) just pee'd on the floor and I need to come pick it up.

One of the four legged creatures did something nasty to the floor...haven't figured out yet who it was or what some of it is...but yeah...grossness that you don't need me to explain...

So anyway, not even 9 am and we've delt with a great amount of bodily fluids belonging to others this morning...thankfully however, because of the date...hubby gets to clean most of it up. :D

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