Wednesday, February 24, 2010

100th day...

Yesterday was the 100th day of School for Mr. A.

100th day of Kindergarten.

He has technically been there for four additional days then the rest of the kindergarten due to the fact that he is in a program that started school early, but we aren't going to get into the confusing details of that (which is indeed a subject all on itself that will have it's own blog).

Anyhow...A being in school for 100 days means that there are only 80 Days Left!

Yes folks, that's correct, 80 more school days until Summer Vacation!

Didn't we just start this school year??

I will share later, but am in the process of making Mr. A a count down so he can cross off those remainder 80 days...kid is a huge fan of vacation...and an even bigger fan of crossing things off.

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  1. I am a huge fan of crossing things off as well! lol

    this is leandi from beingmom btw !

    My blog is

    I didn't share it on the board because I don't want to share it with my sil!