Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunday sunday...Laundry Land

Just another manic SUNDAY...

I'm starting to love Sunday's because this is my day to prep for the week. AND prepping for the week makes the whole week better. Really. It does.

So to start, I am sure that all of Mt. Washmore is put away. Yes, I've named my laundry. I mean think about it, I tend to it every day, it has it's own room, it needs food (detergent)...It's my pet. Rather than calling it Stinky as would be appropriate, I'm going with Mt. Washmore.

I have finally created a system for my boys. Woot. There are two sweater hangers in their closet, one on the left for C, one on the right for A. (The hanger labels are from Living Locurto. Aren't they incredibly awesome and cute? I know I am not using them right, but one of these days I'll tweak them a bit to work for this purpose. But they are cute, add a spot of color and 'neatness' to the chaos.)

I go through their drawers and fill up their cubbies with the clothes that are still in there. This ensures that all clothes are worn. If they aren't being worn and are cowering in the back of that drawer growing dust and a contemptuous attitude...well it's time that sucker be tossed into the Good Will Bag.

Next we put away the laundry from the week that has been collected in their bins. Some goes into the hanging organizers because despite how hard I try there is never enough underwear clean at one time...Somehow they own 37 pairs of underwear and only 4 pairs are ever clean at once...I'm not sure what happens, I think it requires a physics professor, detective and tax analyst to figure it out so I give up.

"WAIT! WHAT?" You ask. "Laundry from the week??!!"

Yes. I roll like that.


I do the laundry as I can throughout the week and fold and put them in bins, each person in the house gets a bin. To wash, fold, and put away is just too much for me to handle all in one sitting...I have way to short of an attention span and something always grabs my attention...typically a half dressed child with something inappropriate on his head.

Here are our bins, yeah I know, they ain't pretty but they work for now until I get something totally cool from the container store or something (Liz Lemon much?).

C is potty training, thus the largest bin. Anyone who has been through potty training with a boy (I don't do pull ups) knows why tons of room is completely necessary.

Laundry is put away, voila.
Hanging Organizer is full, voila.
Mt. Washmore is on hiatus for 32 seconds.
And all of Laundry Land is at peace.

Laundry contemporary laundry room

And if you think that is really what my laundry room looks like you have another thing coming! That picture is from Houzz where I spend the day drooling planning future rooms of my future house. I don't even have dry wall in my laundry room...but heck no way I'm showing you those scary depths...


  1. Theresa! I got the sweater organizer things for my boys' weekly clothes and it saves me a half hour every morning! You are a lifesaver!